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All Hands on Deck!

Thanks to a tremendous amount of team work, we have accomplished our original goal of hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses, in just three years! Our commitment to supporting the military goes beyond employment and that is why we have been recognized as the #1 Military Friendly® Company. With our new commitment to hire an additional 20,000 veterans, spouses and caregivers by 2020, we need all hands on deck! Many of you have expressed interest in participating in Operation: Opportunity so we would like to include our franchise partners in this important program. Below are some resources to assist you in activating Operation: Opportunity at your property.


Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening with Operation: Opportunity, learn best practices and celebrate success stories!

Report your Hires!

We know that our franchise partners are hiring military talent all across the US and we want to make sure that your hard work is being including in our tracking. Reporting will include Veterans (anyone who has ever served in the US Military or are currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves) and military spouses (active duty spouses or spouses of veterans). You may retroactively report through September 2016. Reporting is now available in LightStay.

Spread the word!

Help us share all of the amazing work that you are doing at your properties and offices by sending us pictures and stories about military events at your location. We would also love to highlight your military Team Members! Please have your Team Members complete these forms and return them to

We encourage your Social Media and Marketing teams to share your Operation: Opportunity stories, as well as posts from the Hilton Careers and Hilton Newsroom social media channels. Please use #operationopportunity so we can track all the wonderful news!


One of the biggest keys to success is educating yourself on Hilton’s commitment to supporting the military. Below you will find resources to help increase your knowledge of Operation: Opportunity and the value of hiring a veteran.

Recruitment Resources

The foundation of Operation: Opportunity is our commitment to hiring a total of 30,000 veterans, spouses, caregivers and members of the National Guard and Reserves. Below are some tools to help you translate military experience and source the talent that you are looking for to fill your roles.

Military Friendly Culture

At Hilton we strive to create positive and welcoming experiences for all of our Team Members so they thrive in their careers. A “Military friendly” culture is extremely important in not only attracting military talent, but also in retaining it. **The best tool to set you up for success in this area is to assign one of your veteran Team Members to be your Military Commander. Read below to learn more!


HR Resources

Our military Team Members may have some unique needs to help them have a smooth transition into the company and set them up for a long, successful career with us. Whether it be military leave or specialized benefits focused on military family needs, we are here to support these Team Members who have given so much for us.

Operation: Opportunity Branding

We would love for you to include our military branding on your sales and recruitment collateral, internal communications and social media efforts. Below you will find the Operation: Opportunity logo as well as our 2017 award logos.

Operation: Opportunity Videos

Take a look at all of the amazing memories we have made over the last few years. Feel free to share!