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Thanks to a tremendous amount of teamwork, we have hired over 35,000 veterans, military spouses and dependents since the launch of Operation:Opportunity in 2013. Our commitment to supporting the military goes beyond employment – that’s why we’ve been recognized as a top military friendly company.

We have all worked passionately hard to elevate Hilton as one of the top Military Friendly Companies in the U.S. This page provides resources for recruitment, onboarding, celebration, and support for your military Team Members!

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Tell Your Story

We would love to hear your amazing military Team Member’s stories. Share this online testimonial form with your veterans and military spouses.

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Post Your Jobs

Hilton and Hospitality Online are excited to announce an exclusive job board to help hire an additional 25,000 veterans, spouses, and caregivers by 2025. Visit veterans.hilton-jobs.com to get started!

(800) 514-1787 | [email protected]

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Contact Us

The Hilton Military Programs Team is here to help! Contact us at [email protected] for guidance on military hiring at your hotel.



One of the biggest keys to success is understanding Hilton’s commitment to supporting the military. Increase your knowledge of Operation: Opportunity and discover the value of hiring a veteran.

Human Resources

HR Resources

Our military Team Members may have some unique needs to give them a smooth transition into the company and set them up for a long, successful career with us. Whether it be military leave or specialized family benefits, we’re here to support these Team Members who’ve given so much for us.

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Branding & Awards

We would love for you to include our military branding on your sales and recruitment collateral, internal communications, and social media channels.

Military-Friendly Culture

At Hilton, we strive to create positive and welcoming experiences for all of our Team Members. A military-friendly culture is extremely important for not only attracting military talent, but also for retaining it.

Top Tip: Assign a veteran Team Member as your Military Commander to champion Operation: Opportunity.
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Operation: Opportunity Videos

Take a look at some of the amazing memories we’ve made over the last few years. And feel free to share!